Protecting soldiers and armed services personnel; strengthening aero, auto and marine structures

All target applications—aviation, automotive, defense, energy and consumer—seek increased strength
at lighter weight. Among the many important applications:

  • Armor: NTI's sheets enhance the ballistic performance of conventional armor materials while
    reducing weight;
  • Core structures: NTI's sheet and tape material are being used to create structural elements (cores) that serve as high strength light weight flooring and wall structures in aviation;
  • Automotive (body, parts), energy (wind turbine blades) and consumer applications (laptops, snowboards) can optimize energy use by integrating NTI's light and strong structural systems;
  • Aerospace: NTI's structural composites add strength with a minimal weight penalty to space-bound structures, while mitigating challenges inherent in metal components—e.g. corrosion, thermal expansion, and radiation.