Miralon® for Safety & Protective Applications

Rising hostilities, both foreign and domestic, are driving the increasing need for new and innovative products that can stand up to the harsh realities of today’s world. In an environment where the need for life-saving protection products is on the rise, there is an urgent demand for those products to be lighter, more flexible, and more comfortable.iStock_000015988608_Double.jpg

Using Miralon sheets in a soft armor application reduces back face deformation by up to 20% which can result in a finished vest that is up to 25% lighter while still meeting the requirements of National Institute of Justice Standard-101.06. That means a 6-pound vest would now weigh a little over 4-pounds with less impedance to the movement of the officer.

These same products can also be used to improve performance in tactical plates, lighten helmets and reinforce vehicles against ballistic threats.

Applications for safety and protective extend beyond just ballistic threats. Miralon sheets and yarns also show promise in fire protection applications, reducing the bulkiness of turnout gear 
iStock_000023084347_Double.jpgwith decreased weight and increased flexibility or providing lightweight fire shelters capable of surviving higher temperature environments than traditional materials. There is also the potential of inserting Miralon products into cut protection applications, such as gloves and work wear, yielding a lighter-weight more flexible solution when produced with Miralon yarn.

Miralon products operate with impunity in radiation, salt, moisture or corrosive conditions and will not fatigue fracture even at cryogenic temperatures, giving them a unique advantage in safety and protective applications.

In today’s harsh environments, when flexibility and comfort are a necessity, the Miralon family of products enable solutions to meet these needs without sacrificing performance.


Miralon for Soft Armor

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