Transformative products made from the safest commercially available carbon nanotubes

Nanocomp's policies and programs for Health Safety and Environment (HSE) are modeled after those of its larger partners and customers. The elements of the Company's program include:

  • Workplace Safety: Nanocomp has long-established policies and practices in relation to materials management and workplace safety. Moreover the Company is actively communicating with its peers and regulatory partners (EPA, NIOSH) regarding best practices in safe production and handling of these materials, both for NTI and for its customers and partners.
  • Community: Nanocomp recognizes the important role that companies, especially manufacturers, play in the community and so participates actively in regional civic and business events and activities. As an extension of its workplace safety program, the Company has policies and procedures that relate to its safe conduct in the context of its immediate local community.
  • Environment: The Company believes its process is the simplest, safest and most environmentally benign in the advanced materials industry. For example, Nanocomp utilizes iron as its primary catalyst agent rather than using potentially carcinogenic nickel or cobalt, as is the case with other CNT makers. Unlike all metals, carbon fiber and polymer composite manufacturers, the Company's one step process is least intensive in terms of human, capital and environmental resources.
  • Leadership: As the leader in this new class of CNT products, Nanocomp is working with peers in the materials industry to help increase understanding of policies and practices related to safety and handling.

Unlike products made by all other commercial CNT producers, the Company's sheets, tapes and conductors and yarns are comprised of CNT fibers that are too long to be inhaled or absorbed by the skin. Given this, the Company believes that its products are the safest CNT-based solutions in the world.

Aerial view of Nanocomp Technologies Headquarters in Merrimack, NH
courtesy of Google Earth