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November 16, 2011
United States Department
of Defense Taps Nanocomp Technologies as Nanomanufacturing Partner
Company commits to build large-
scale manufacturing facility, delivering assured supply of superior nanotube-based materials for critical national defense needs.

Nanocomp Technologies Opens New Headquarters and Advanced Manufacturing Center in Merrimack, NH

Facility meets Accelerating Demand for Carbon Nanotube Products and Provides New Jobs for Local Community

MERRIMACK, N.H. – July 30, 2012– Nanocomp Technologies, Inc., the world’s leading developer of performance materials and component products made from carbon nanotubes (CNTs), announced the opening of its new headquarters in Merrimack, NH. This announcement marks the completion of the first phase of a planned 100,000 square foot expansion, based in part on investments from the Defense Production Act Title III. The new facility manufactures high performance, strong and conductive CNT-based products at an unprecedented scale for customers including the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and a growing number of major commercial corporations.

The commercialization of carbon nanotubes created significant advancements across several industries and attracted the attention of the Department of Defense, which has designated Nanocomp’s materials as “critical for national defense.” It also drew the interest of DuPont, who entered into a financial and strategic development relationship with Nanocomp earlier this year.

“This first in the nation advanced nanotube manufacturing facility enables us to meet accelerating market demand for high performance CNT-based sheet, tape, and conductor products for military and commercial industrial markets. We’re delighted to be expanding our presence in southern New Hampshire. Being located in the greater Boston region provides us broader access to the talent and skills needed to enable our continued growth,” said Peter Antoinette, President and CEO, Nanocomp Technologies.

Over the next year, the company intends to increase its employment base through the addition of over 50 manufacturing, sales, marketing and technical positions at both the Merrimack headquarters and its technology research center in Concord, NH.

With the availability of dramatically increased manufacturing capacity, Nanocomp’s CNT sheet, tape and wire products will be able to address an unprecedented array of application categories including:

      • Structural materials: higher performance armor protection for military and police forces; structural components that      reduce weight and vibration in aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics applications.
     • Electrically conductive materials: lightweight replacement for copper wires; shielding for electro-magnetic interference      (EMI); non-metallic electrodes for lithium and other batteries.
     • Thermal management materials: heaters (Joule) for aerospace and automotive; thermal transfer solutions for space      and aviation; de-icing for aerospace; and fire retardant materials.
     • Multi-functional materials: Combined solutions such as: a CNT-based airplane wing with an exterior layer that de-ices      and manages LSP; a smart phone case that is strong and light that also contains an embedded antenna      simultaneously serving as a thermal/electrical backplane as well as an EMI shield.




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Nanocomp Technologies (NTI) is delivering a new generation of advanced materials that provide revolutionary performance while saving energy. The Company is the only commercial producer of carbon nanotube-based lightweight sheets, tapes, wires, and yarns. Nanocomp’s products offer superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties for aerospace and defense, aviation, automotive, energy and consumer applications. The U.S. Department of Defense has designated the Company’s materials as “critical for national defense.” Nanocomp recently opened a new 100,000 square foot advanced manufacturing facility in Merrimack, NH, increasing its production capacity to meet the needs of defense and commercial customers. For additional information, please visit


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