Solving strength and conductivity problems for commercial and defense customers

NTI's strong lightweight conductive carbon sheets, tapes, conductors and yarns outperform incumbent metals, polymers, carbon fiber and other composites in a wide array of industries. Fuel- and energy-intensive industries such as space, aviation and automotive value Nanocomp's lightweight products for its capacity to increase performance and reduce operating costs--whether due to more efficient operation or fewer repairs and overhauls.. Other industries such as consumer electronics seek the same benefits (increased performance, reduced weight and better thermal management) but in smaller form factors (e.g. cell phones). NTI's multi-functional, multi-format products enable and empower innovative design considerations—i.e. thin conformal advanced batteries that can be shaped to the device (e.g. a laptop).

Up-Armored Humvee Up-Armored Humvee courtesy of The Military Factory