Miralon® Products for Heating Applications

Traditional heating products are inefficient, costly to run, and take a significant amount of time to reach the desired level of comfort.  This is because they utilize convection heating, which works by heating the air around you. Nanocomp’s flexible and lightweight solution for heating applications, made with Miralon sheets, heats the object directly utilizing far infrared energy and thus is more efficient Heating_graph.jpgand quicker to impart warmth. The graph to the left  depicts the temperature rise over time of a bag of water in front of a standard quartz radiant space heater and an energized Miralon sheet. Miralon shows faster and higher warming of the water versus the standard glow type heaters that are available in the market today.

Using Miralon sheets offers a high efficiency solution without the limitations of today’s materials which require elements to be heated to very high temperatures allowing effective heating at a distance.  Much like the sun warming you through a window, Miralon works by heating objects and people directly, converting electric power input into far infrared (FIR) energy making it much more efficient than convection heating. The Miralon sheet’s FIR energy is i\on the same wavelength region as our human body emits and therefore generates a comfortable familiar heat directly to our bodies. Far infrared energy is also considered to be therapeutic*.

Heating solutions made with Miralon are almost instant on, and not hot to the touch making them suitable for a wide variety of applications.  The possibilities include:heater.jpg

  • outdoor heating (umbrellas, awnings, warehouses, tents)
  • indoor heating (offices, space heater replacements)
  • textile-based heating (blankets, gloves, etc)
  • eco-friendly smart homes and offices

Material Availability

Miralon sheets are available with standard areal densities of 12 and 25 grams per square meter, and are specially post-treated for heating applications. Available as cut sheets or roll stock, the material can be laminated using standard roll-to-roll industrial processes and integrated into a variety of systems.

*Read more about the safety of Far infrared heating here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3699878

Miralon Heating Solutions
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