Enabling lighter, stronger devices and sporting

Producers of computing devices (laptops, tables and cell phones) constantly seek new materials and methods to reduce weight, increase strength, and manage and optimize thermal and electrical consumption. These companies demand solutions that enable high functional performance with maximum design flexibility. Nanocomp's multifunctional products are versatile so serve as casing, antenna, shielding, thermal management and battery components.


Makers of consumer sporting goods (e.g. skis, snowboards, tennis racquets, golf clubs and boat hulls) consistently seek newer and better materials that optimize strength and weight without compromising (preferably, increasing) performance. These producers also seek to reduce problems inherent in materials of choice—i.e. pairing metals and high performance carbon fiber as in skis and snowboards creates potential for delamination as a result of metals' thermal expansion and contraction. Nanocomp's products enhance and/or replace existing materials—metals, carbon fiber and polymer composites—with its outstanding strength, light weight and improved vibration damping properties; unlike metals, high concentration, carbon nanotube fiber-based products like NTI's are not compromised by corrosion and fatigue.