Conductors and Yarns

Pure carbon wires carry data and electricity,
yarns provide strength and stability

NTI converts its CNT flow to pure carbon, lightweight wires and yarns with properties that rival copper in data conductivity with reduced weight, increased strength and no corrosion—NTI's wire and yarn products are presently being used both for data conduction and for structural wraps. For contrast: NTI's CNT yarns were tested against copper for fatigue; where copper broke after nearly 14,000 bends, NTI's CNT yarns lasted almost 2.5 million cycles—demonstrating nearly 2,000 times the fracture toughness.


NTI's CNT yarns can be used in an array of applications including: copper wire replacement for aerospace, aviation and automotive; structural yarns, reinforcing matrix for structural composites; antennas; and motor windings.