Miralon® for Armor Applications

Military soldiers and civilian law enforcement personnel face an environment where there is an iStock_000015177387_Full_web.jpg
increasing need for life-saving protection products that are lighter, more flexible, and more comfortable. Using Miralon® sheets in an armor solution can address all these challenges. 

In soft armor solutions, when Miralon sheets are combined with traditional aramid and polyethylene materials, the result is a lighter-weight, thinner, and more flexible vest shutterstock_66047140_web.jpg
allowing for increased comfort and mobility. Hard armor solutions, such as tactical plates, helmets, and vehicle spall liners also benefit from decreased weight and lower total profile when Miralon sheets are incorporated into the design. 

Lighter weight Miralon solutions don't sacrifice performance for weight. In fact, both soft armor systems and hard armor composites utilizing this ultra-light weight non-woven realize a 3 - 5mm reduction in V0 back face deformation. 


Material Availability

The base sheet format, available in 12 or 25 grams per square meter, is compatible with thermoset resin films for processing in vacuum bag autoclave curing processes. It is also available impregnated with polyurethane or Kraton-compatible thermoplastic resins for subsequent hot pressing with thermoplastic aramid and polyethylene unidirectional materials. 

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